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Firstly, Brocklehurst, brill spread you put on there. I ate until my sides were fit to burst and drank until everyone was attractive enough to snog. Don't rightly know how you could improve upon that but if you've ever an interest in trying, I've an interest in attending.

Which leads me to Firstly A, a sub-point: Smith, next time you might want to try playing tunes in my key. Apologies on Smith's behalf to everyone for not being thoughtful enough from the off to do so.

Secondly, Pansy, Tony - cheers for a first-rate first birthday party for my godson. My mum's ovaries're now working overtime (cheers to Terry for that as well, mate) and my dad couldn't've been the happier to drink his Sunday away with half the Goldstein clan. I still think Persephone and Alicia're gems.

Which leads me to Secondly A, a sub-point: Pansy, the petting zoo owners contacted me today. I know you may've to pry his fingers off it, but you'll've to ask your dad to return the sheep.

Which leads me to Secondly B, a sup-point: Tony? Terry? You've to return your sheep as well. And Tony, we've talked about the puffskeins, mate. It's bloody sick, it is. Turn Fluffles back in, yeah?

And because I'm the considerate bloke I am, anyone planning on travelling out of Blighty over the next two or three weeks, Australia's gone and shut its borders. S'pose that means you'll've to enjoy your travels elsewhere.
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