Oi, Pansy.

Apr. 28th, 2008 11:09 pm
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You coming back anytime soon? I've a platter of charred chocolate biscuits Isaac whipped up here for you but if you're not going to be making back within the next year, you'll leave me with no choice but to help myself seeing as I can't be letting them go to waste. Isaac's a crier and it's nothing I'm in want of a repeat of. Can't tell you how bloody wrong it is to watch a bloke his size turn it on like Wallaman Falls.
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Reckon I should take your silence as meaning you're no longer interested in continuing our conversation from the other day?

In any matter, so this's clear between you and me - I've never claimed I didn't need anyone. Opposite, in fact. Fuck, that feels ace to say. It's been bothering the shite out of me since you mentioned it.
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Parvati Patil is the spunkiest dove bird, is the word I'm looking for, in all of Lucky Country (aptly named, in case you couldn't guess) and Brian Sullivan is the Rock God of Oz. Isaac Thorne? The testosterone answer to Celestina Warbeck and Taurina Vega. Just look at them in my picture. Go on, take a squizz. Handsome blokes, aren't they? Except for the chimp chump on the left.

And what about me, you bastards ask? I, Mike Corner, am a larrikin and an arse and the world's biggest nong for making a gorgeous witch cry.

You may fall at my feet and adore me now.
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I've'n't seen a word about it over the Firelogs which makes a co-owner a mite worried about the grand opening of his casino, seeing as how he was unable to attend and all.

So? What's the word? Overwhelming success? We're already millionaires? Did the place implode? No one showed and I should get a head start hawking all my valuables and making my own pants out of lemon grass?

How'd it bloody go?
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Know this may seem out of the blue, but it's something I need to ask.

Do you reckon I treat you and and my family like you're inconsequential?
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Because I'm a giving bloke and I've an unyielding need to share this ickle beaut from other parts sunny:

"International Community Expresses Outrage at Racist British Laws" -- Adelaide Independent.

Didn't need a crystal ball to See that one coming. The Daily Messenger's one along similar lines. Ruddy brilliant, yeah? Reckon I'm going to have the lot of them framed. Seems the rest of the world's taking notice and they're not buying into the bigoted bunch of bollocks our dearly loathed Ministry's all about these days. Don't see why they would, anyroad. Reckon they could smell the sodding stink of arse and shite a world and half away.
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You receive that piece of shite post as well? How the hell're we going to be ready to open in under 27 days?
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Cheers to those who've'n't forgotten me over here in my ickle corner of the earth.

Much to my chagrin, I've holes in my pockets and I've'n't an artistic bone in my body, so let's go about this the only way I know how: with a limerick.

To the Ginger-Haired Siren: )

To the Best Looking Bloke, Second Only to Me: )

To the Sister I Never Knew I Wanted: )
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Reckon it's not fair of me to ask you to be my ten thousand mile Valentine when there's probably a host of grubby randy gits right there in Blighty competing for the honour, even if none of the lot're as fit as me and they've'n't a chance in Hell of you saying yes. Nah, I really shouldn't ask, just in case you've considered taking on a pity Valentine for the day, even if you'd rather spend it with me.

But then again, when've I ever played fair?

So, what do you say?
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I don't know where we're at right now and I'm not cert if I've still the right to do this, but I wanted to wish my favourite Valentine, who's inspired some right embarrassing spectacles over the years from three lovesick prats, a Happy Valentine's Day.

So Happy Valentine's Day, Padma.

If I'd the money, I'd've sent you some roses. They're the least you deserve.
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But I figure why break with tradition?

Happy birthday, Cho.

I hope it was brill, even though I know it wasn't the same without me. When you make it down this way again, we'll've to've a proper celebration.
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I'd ask my parents but seeing as how they've'n't any ruddy idea what happened to me and I'm not wanting them to, you're the only other person I can ask. I bloody hate asking this but I've'n't much choice since I've found myself in a sodding dog's breakfast, unless you reckon there's a way I can make Malfoy pay my medical expenses.

Can I borrow some dosh?
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If you want to save your knacks, you best tell Jade to keep your conquests to herself.

Fuck. This's going to be worse than I thought.
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I'm an utter fuck up.

I couldn't save him.

I'm sorry.
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Toony mate, what the ruddy hellre you doing? Stop fucking aruond over there. It doen't work when you pull that shite atthe swim centre and I'm not sodding fallin ofr it now.

get out of there. Ots not funny anymore.

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How long it's been since we'd a chance to catch up?

Reason I'm asking is Terry and I've an appointment for a pint tomorrow evening and it'd be brill if you could unlock yourself from that room with that saucy dish of yours and join us. Figure I owe you at the least a round or two.
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Do you know anything about this bollocks Parvati's IOing me about? Brian's not ruddy helping her find a job, is he? For the love of Merlin's goolies, please tell me he's not.
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Terry, mate, I reckon we may need to rethink holding the baby shower at Caelumdell. Pansy's on bed rest and I'm not wanting to do anything that'll jeopardise her health or the baby's.

That's where you come in, Millicent. Know you were wondering why I'd included you in on this, besides your good looks and sunny smile, that is. You think we can move the shower to your place without Pansy knowing?
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I don't care how you do it, but you need to come to St Mungo's and you need to come now.

Pansy's in labour, mate.
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