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Everything alright? You seemed a slight off earlier with Hopkins. Weasley hasn't relapsed, has he?
mc_mike: (smug)
Where're you at? I've a surprise for you I know you'll love and I've'n't a ruddy ounce of patience left in me.
mc_mike: (yeah sure)
Bellissima's gone a slight quiet without you, Pansy. The croupiers've given away more than they've taken in because they've been preoccupied with your absence and some of the waitresses've said Shorts's been dead distraught. Supposedly he's been carrying around a picture of you with him and he's been crying into it when he reckons no one's looking. You ever planning on coming back?

Millicent? Your offer still good?

By the way, if either of you hear from an Emmet Crawley, don't believe a ruddy word he says. The arse is full of shite.
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Better today, mate?
mc_mike: (beneath the sound of hope)
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Padma and I're officially back in Blighty. Party hats and horns for everyone who wants them. Truth told, we've officially been back since Wednesday night but I spent most of the day yesterday sleeping in my office, seeing as how our room decided to give us a proper welcome back the night before. Didn't realise Bellissima was offering a new smartarse service with its suites. Who's brill idea was it? Pansy? Millicent?

Tony, Terry, mates - you up for a pint?

Ginny, don't go feeling left out just yet.

The rest of you that matter, hope I'll see you tomorrow.
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How much do I owe you for your packing services? Remember I'm poor here and in the process of moving back halfway across the ruddy world, so 5 Knuts is my limit. That sound fair enough?

Snazzy job on the invites as well. This mean I'm getting my waterfall of alcohol?
mc_mike: (lately something here don't feel right)
Hey - has Brian found you yet?


Feb. 8th, 2009 12:05 pm
mc_mike: (beneath the sound of hope)
You IOed me, right? I think you did but I can't bloody remember. Hope it wasn't anything important and if it was, I'm dead sorry I missed it.

Padma, I'm sorry again as well. I know it doesn't count for much but I am.

The rest, don't ask. I'll send postcards.
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Firstly, Brocklehurst, brill spread you put on there. I ate until my sides were fit to burst and drank until everyone was attractive enough to snog. Don't rightly know how you could improve upon that but if you've ever an interest in trying, I've an interest in attending.

Which leads me to Firstly A, a sub-point: Smith, next time you might want to try playing tunes in my key. Apologies on Smith's behalf to everyone for not being thoughtful enough from the off to do so.

Secondly, Pansy, Tony - cheers for a first-rate first birthday party for my godson. My mum's ovaries're now working overtime (cheers to Terry for that as well, mate) and my dad couldn't've been the happier to drink his Sunday away with half the Goldstein clan. I still think Persephone and Alicia're gems.

Which leads me to Secondly A, a sub-point: Pansy, the petting zoo owners contacted me today. I know you may've to pry his fingers off it, but you'll've to ask your dad to return the sheep.

Which leads me to Secondly B, a sup-point: Tony? Terry? You've to return your sheep as well. And Tony, we've talked about the puffskeins, mate. It's bloody sick, it is. Turn Fluffles back in, yeah?

And because I'm the considerate bloke I am, anyone planning on travelling out of Blighty over the next two or three weeks, Australia's gone and shut its borders. S'pose that means you'll've to enjoy your travels elsewhere.
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So I reckon I've fucked up and I can't tell Padma.
mc_mike: (Not that daft yet mate)
What, the desk weigh too much?
mc_mike: (intrigued)
What the hell happened after Padma and I left last weekend?


Aug. 7th, 2008 01:27 pm
mc_mike: (No worries)
You alright? Claudia says you've'n't been in since Friday. You're not dying or anything, are you?
mc_mike: (talking)
Letting you know I made it safe and sound since I know you wouldn't've caught a wink of sleep if I didn't. Thanks again for putting up with me this past week.

I know this might sound a slight strange, but you're not missing anything from your room, are you? Everything's alright?
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It's been yonks since you and that saucy wife of yours've had a proper afternoon graced with my company. How abouts we fix that? Seeing as how I'm in Blighty at the mo and knowing how much you treasure our moments together, I reckoned you and the Mrs'd be thrilled to take tea with Padma and me tomorrow, if you've it open. Or we can leave the women to the tea and I could treat you to a pint at any pub of your choosing if you'd rather. The world'll be right so long as I've a chance to give Serena a kiss.

What do you say? You miss me like crazy, I know you do.
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You free tomorrow evening? If my calendar's not lying, I reckon we've reason to celebrate.
mc_mike: (good laugh)
Oi, wanker! What's for dinner this evening?
mc_mike: (discussing)
What's this I hear about you attending a dinner party this evening in gay Paris and you've'n't taken a moment out of that unfairly hectic schedule of yours to extend an invite my way? You too good for an escort now?
mc_mike: (dubious)
What's with all the love letters? I know you adore me and all, but that was a mite embarrassing.
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