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Birthdate:Jan 16

Tony, you write about yourself here. Or not, depending on how friendly you ruddy wish to be. You did just fine. Even though everyone in the pub was sniggering No worries.

No matter how many bloody times you wash them or use a Freshening Charm on them, your feet still ruddy smell like shite, Terry. All apologies for breaking that to you, mate.

Oi, Padma? You forgot to mention you're dead sexy. And I'll claim I'm a horrible tease when you admit you're fond of my swollen heads. I love you.

Head of theAnthony Goldstein for Minister of Magiccampaign.
Yes, you will be Minister of Magic, if I have to chop off my bloody arm to make it happen.
P.S. Terry is Assitant Head.
P.S.S. My mum's already ordered the catering.
P.S.S.S. I'll beat you with my amputated arm then. Tosser.

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